ICX is a largely volunteer, nonprofit organization that fosters community between international students, first generation immigrants and locals from the Houston area who are interested in building friendships with people from other cultures. 

Houston is the most diverse city in the US. But what's the value of that diversity if we just seek out people like ourselves? ICX wants to disrupt that part of our human nature and celebrate Houston's cultural diversity by bringing people from different cultures and countries together -- especially around good food!

What We Do

For those new to the English language or the Houston area, ICX offers conversation partners to help smooth the way. 

ICX creates meeting places, both large and small, to bring people from different cultures together.  We organize holiday parties and attend sports and cultural outings. We also meet with international students at Houston area Lone Star College campuses to help students improve their English.

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We know that it can be hard to make friends when starting a new life in the USA. Through ICX you have the opportunity to make friends with people from the Houston area and from all over the world.INTERNATIONAl CULTURAL EXCHANGE

Forming Relationships
Conversation Partners

for Learning Language and Culture

Need help learning English? You can’t learn language or culture on your own. The whole purpose of learning a language is to communicate with other people, and you can only know that you’ve learned a language when you can use it communicate with others. ICX can connect you with a community volunteer who will serve as your conversation partner. This gives you a chance to build your English skills. We only connect men with men and women with women. Maybe your English is already great, but there are things about American culture that you find strange or confusing. ICX Conversation Partners can help you learn how to navigate American culture. They can also be a great resource for learning about life in Houston, like where to get your car repaired or how to work out a problem with your landlord. We have a lot to learn from you, so we encourage our ICX volunteers to enter the conversation partner relationship with the mindset that they are learners, too.

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